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请你以“Film or book, which do you prefer”为题,按照下列要点写一篇英语短文:




注意:1、词数:1502、参考词汇:original work或book in the original(原著)One possible Version

Film or book, which do you preferis that it takes less time to understand the whole story. Besides, the film is usually more interesting, and it is easier to follow.

They think that they can get more detailed information from the original. Meanwhile, the language in the book is possibly more lively and beautiful. home, reading quietly in a situation of my own, and what’s more, I am able to better understand the author’s ideas. In a word, to read the original work is better than to see the film based on it.


It was a sunlit and enchanting scene of spring morning, when the teachers took us students of Grade 2 to go on our first spring outing. We set off at seven oclock from school. In the warm spring breeze, we were walking there together.

Fifty minutes later, we got to the destination. There, we were going to have a picnic. Some of us cooked rice, some cooked dishes, and some cooked soup. My deskmate, Guo Yunfeng, and I fried eggs. At first, we poured some oil in the pot. When the oil was hot enough, we put the egg into the pot. Soon after that, we turned it over. We were in threes or fours, and we were all bustling with our own tasks.

Times up! The meal was ready. Lets enjoy to our hearts content. Bottoms up!


When I was a freshman in college I watched the film Gua Sha Treatment for the first time, now I am a junior student and I come back to review the movie from a multicultural aspect, I have many different feelings after watching the film again.

At the beginning of the film, XuDatong is given an award and later he delivers a speech. What makes me impressed most is in his speech he says “one day I will become one of you, a truly successful American, today this award proved that America is a true land of opportunity and I am the living proof of that.” At that moment Xu thinks he has realized his American Dream totally with his lovingly wife and adorable son. However, I think it is ironical that to make a speech like that and I assume it is made on purpose to hind a clue for the story\'s development. How many non—American people have such a beautiful American dream? One of my classmate studies in American now and before he went aboard he told me his American dream is he can stand at the top of the New York. To be honest, I also dream that one day I can get the Green Card living there happily and successfully maybe working at the Wall Street. When Xu gets the award he thinks he entirely melted in the melting pot neglecting the multicultural obstruct, later the plot goes against the way he thinks. And later Quinlan asked Xu\'why you be the scapegoat of your father?\' Xu answers \'because he is Chinese.\' Then maybe Xu knows that there is always a wide gap between Chinese and American cultures.

The second scene is Xu hit his son Denis because Denis hit the son of xu\'s boss, at the middle of the film xu tells his boss that he hit his own son is only to show his respect to his boss John Quinlan, that time Quinlan feels puzzled “what a Chinese logic”,yes, American can never understand such a logic full of Chinese characteristic, because they respect everyone including the children, they won\'t beat a child to please the boss, and there is no such a conception of degree between employee and employer, they feel everyone is equal, which is quite different from china.

Connected to the second scene, the third difference I want to analyze is the care for the children. In America, people pay more attention to the right of children which can be seen from the law—leaving children alone at home is illegal, while in China it is so common that almost everyone may experience such loneliness. And Children Welfare Agency does work in America which shows the importance Americans attach to children\'s right. What\'s more, I remember a line \'No one won the case, especially the child.\' In my opinion, it also manifests the universal concern from the American public to the children.

The fourth aspect is following the procedure, in the film, more than there times, the people focus on the rule, the law, the procedure. At the Christmas Eve Xu wants to return back to his home pretending as a Santa Claus, what a pity, the security recognizes him and persuades \'you are always a good tenement, never causes troubles for me.\' And another scene is at the end of the film , the judge says \'I have to follow the procedure.\' However, in China people always have to ask for a favor to do something, and later you have to pay back the favor,for myself, I prefer the American style, strict to the procedure.

The fifth and the last point is the humors, Quinlan says \'you can\'t fall, your health security is the company paid.\' \'Datong, welcome home, maybe next time, you can come from the front door.\' \'dady, why you come from the window\' \' because we don\'t have a chimney.\' I really adore this distinguished American humor, especially in dangerous situations, which is quite rare in China.

That\'s my whole reaction to Gua Sha Treatment.


Many people simply regard Pride and Prejudice as a love story, but in my opinion, this book is an illustration of the society at that time. She perfectly reflected the relation between money and marriage at her time and gave the people in her works vivid characters. The characters have their own personalities. Mrs. Bennet is a woman who makes great efforts to marry off her daughters. Mr. Bingley is a friendly young man, but his friend, Mr. Darcy, is a very proud man who seems to always feel superior. Even the five daughters in Bennet family are very different. Jane is simple, innocent and never speaks evil of others.

Elizabeth is a clever girl who always has her own opinion. Mary likes reading classic books. (Actually she is a pedant. Kitty doesn’t have her own opinion but likes to follow her sister, Lydia. Lydia is a girl who follows exotic things, handsome man, and is somehow a little profligate. When I read the book, I can always find the same personalities in the society now. That is why I think this book is indeed the representative of the society in Britain in the 18th century.

The family of gentleman in the countryside is Jane Austen’s favourite topic. But this little topic can reflect big problems. It concludes the stratum situation and economic relationships in Britain in her century. You can find these from the very beginning of this book.

The first sentence in this book is impressive. It reads: “It is a truth well known to all the world that an unmarried man in possession of a large fortune must be in need of a wife”. The undertone is very clear: the foundation of the marriage at that time is not emotion but possession.

People always think that Austen was an expert at telling love stories. In fact, the marriage in her book is not the result of love, but the result of economic needs. After reading this book, I know the truth is that a poor woman must be in need of a husband, a wealthy man.

I couldn’t forget how eager Mrs. Bennet wants to marry off her daughters. If you want to know why she is so crazy about these things, I must mention the situation in Britain at that time. Only the eldest son had the privilege of inheriting his father’s possessions. Younger sons and daughters who are used to luxurious lives have no choice but marry a man or woman in possession of a large fortune to continue their comfortable lives. Thus, we can see that getting married is a way to become wealthier, particularly for women without many possessions. Jane Austen told us that money and possession determined everything, including marriage and love in her century.

In “Pride and Prejudice”, the sister of Mr. Bingley strongly opposed his plan of marrying Jane because the Bennets don’t have many possessions and their social positions are much lower than them. From this, we can see there are a lot of obstacles for a not very rich woman to marry a wealthy husband. The society, the relatives would not allow them to get married.

In modern society, although the marriages of economic needs have decreased rapidly, the concept of “money determines everything” is still rooted in some people’s mind. A lot of parents try hard to interfere their children’s marriages. Education background, possessions, jobs remains the main reason that may influence one’s marriage. Marry for money is still a big problem in our society. We can’t help thinking: can money determine everything?

Austen left this problem for us to think. The genius of Jane Austen lies in this perfect simplicity, the simplicity that reflects big problems. Although Austen was only 21 when she wrote “Pride and Prejudice”, her sharp observation of social lives makes the style of this book surprisingly mature and lively. The plots in her works are always very natural. The development of the plot is as inevitable as a problem in mathematics. I think the depth of Pride and Prejudice is the reason that makes this book prominent and classic. Today, her book still can be the guide telling us the economic relationships both at her time and in modern time.


\"The Little Prince\" is a clear book, as clear as the water. It’s writes for adults, teenagers and children. It is a book about life and the lives of the fable. As the book said, the water on the heart is beneficial. And \"Little Prince\" can make people feel warm and fresh.

The story is about a boy. He lives on a small planet. He is the only person of the planet. He is a lonely prince. Fortunately, a beautiful rose came in his life. They loved each other. But a little argument separated them. He left the planet which he lives, starts traveling. He went to many planets and met many different people. He likes to watch the sunset when he was sad. He found that people wanted happiness, but always pushed away happiness rudely.

At last, he understood how to love each other. Love and life is a very important thing. He is very regret. He wanted to return to the planet which he lives. But he didn’t know the road. He chose to drank snake venom end his life because he thought it will be able to cast off his bulky body to go back.

Every time, when I read \"The Little Prince\", I always moved about it. In real life, we often busy in the whole day, such as a fly without soul. The passage of time, childhood away, we grew up and took away a lot of memories, but we also have an oasis in the heart.

Because ‘The Little Prince’ story, we live in quiet, the heart has a hope and love, have touched on the responsibility of the life.


Dear Dad,

Today is fathers day, for so many years Ive been seekig a way to express my heartfelt thanks for all you have done for me. Here comes it!

Thank you for always being there sharing my life when I need you most. Whenever I encounter difficulties, I never feel alone and vulnerable, because you will keep me on the right path. Im blessed to have you.

Thank you for offering me education and teaching me how to be a man. You always inspire me not by words, but by what you have done! Your efforts in the work, your loyalty to your friends, your responsibility for the family and your persistence in the life have already set me good examples in my own life.

Thank you for always appreciating my work, no matter how tiny it is! You have made me realize that its capacity not scores that really counts.

Dad, I love you and I will love you forever!

Yours beloved,

Li Ming